Our Services

Transaction Advisory

  • M&A Analysis and Evaluation of Potential Targets
    • Evaluate strategic objectives and identify, analyze, value and prioritize potential candidates
  • Acquisitions
    • Assist in the acquisition of companies and identify operating synergies
    • Develop strategies to optimize the transaction structure, negotiation process and secure the necessary funding
  • Sales
    • Coordinate complex and competitive sale processes tailored to the particular situation of the client
    • Maximize monetary value and optimize the payment terms, and confidentiality while minimizing business disruption
  • Strategic Alliances and Mergers
    • Guide negotiation processes, valuation and due diligence to maximize stakeholders value in the transactions

Corporate Finance advisory

  • Corporate Finance Strategy:
    • Assist clients in identifying, developing and structuring a variety of transactions as well as structure alternatives to maximize shareholder value
  • Debt and Capital Raising
    • Advice in the selection of financing instruments, sources of capital, terms and conditions, and assist them in securing financing for acquisitions, internal growth, refinancing and recapitalization
  • Valuation Services:
    • Transaction-oriented valuations for M&A, divestitures, sales, restructurings and overall value determination for shareholders
  • Strategic Options:
    • Analysis of all available options to a company: which business units have the most value and potential to expand it; what is the stand alone value of the company; what is the additional value created by executing its growth opportunities; what is the additional value created by vertical and/or horizontal integrations; what is the strategic value that the company could obtain in a strategic sale; among others

Investment Banking Services

Customized, creative solutions with a dedicated and experienced team.

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